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About Us

Florida Gas Contractors (FGC) has been in the underground utility business since 1989. The company is an industry leader in the installation of gas lines (plastic or steel).

FGC's skilled management team has experience in open trenching, joint trenching, and directional boring (1"-32").

FGC takes a professional approach to safety and quality. Our full time quality assurance and safety programs ensure all employees are trained and certified.

FGC prides itself on having well maintained and state-of-the-art equipment on all our job sites.


Natural Gas Installation
  • Gas Main / Service
  • Gate Stations
  • Directional Boring
  • Joint Trenching
  • Soft Utility Locating (SUE)
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Engineering Design & Permitting
    • CSX - DEP - DOT - MOT
    • (FL Eng Lic# CA 27674


  • Florida Licensed Contractors
    • CF-C057221



P: (813) 996-0019

F: (813) 996-2919